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BDSM in Jewish wedding

Imagine that you are Jewish and observant, and that you are into BDSM, both domination/submission and physical play. Imagine further that you have found a partner with complimentary interests, that you have been seeing each other for a while, and have decided to get married. Mazal tov! So you are planning a traditional Jewish wedding.

Would you want the submissive/bottom person to wear something BDSM-ish during the ceremony? Would you want them to wear a collar (concealed)? Would you want them to have something sexual or uncomfortable/painful going on under their clothes? What about the dominant/top person? Continue reading


Another Question


The seminary I attended tried very hard to instill the concept of tzniut (modesty) among the girls. Side point, I have this paranoid idea that the seminary failed with me, or maybe it is I who failed the seminary? Aside frrom learning the laws of tzniut as they are relevant to clothes a woman wears, we also learned about behaving modestly in a privacy of our houses. One of the rav stated that it would be highly immodest for a person to be in a living room wearing pajama; reason being is that there are probably Torah books in the living room, and it would be disrespectful and immodest to ward holy books to walk around less than fully clothed. Does that mean that a couple can never start foreplay in the living room before taking it to the bedroom? Does being frum equal to sex in a bedroom only?