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On Tattoos

I am still undecided on whether or not I should be getting a tattoo….

The fantasies of the entire process: selecting the design, going to the tattoo shop with a friend, feeling of something sharp grazing my skin, getting decorated… these are often very intoxicating fantasies.

I frequent ladies only spa, also known as naked ladies spa, and I see a lot of tattooed women of different ages, shapes, and sizes. I look at their tattoos, and I am overcome with almost palpable desire to have one on my own body. My very own tattoo….



It is a shame not to invest more time into such a notable attempt as blogging on behalf of kinky frum Jews.  As one of the contributors, I shall do my best to improve things, and truly to work on the blog.  If anyone else is interested in becoming a full blown contributor, please e-mail us, and let’s get the party going!!!


The moderators of this blog would like to apologize to all visitors.  Unfortunately we and our schedules are stretched to our limits with other activities, (not nearly as interesting as blogging).  Please stay tuned for fresh activities …coming this way shortly!

Another Question


The seminary I attended tried very hard to instill the concept of tzniut (modesty) among the girls. Side point, I have this paranoid idea that the seminary failed with me, or maybe it is I who failed the seminary? Aside frrom learning the laws of tzniut as they are relevant to clothes a woman wears, we also learned about behaving modestly in a privacy of our houses. One of the rav stated that it would be highly immodest for a person to be in a living room wearing pajama; reason being is that there are probably Torah books in the living room, and it would be disrespectful and immodest to ward holy books to walk around less than fully clothed. Does that mean that a couple can never start foreplay in the living room before taking it to the bedroom? Does being frum equal to sex in a bedroom only?


Why is tattooing oneself is prohibited, but branding is allowed?  Either choice of body modification will leave a permanent mark on the skin.


Phew… Now that all the editing/testing is done, let the blogging begin. Ha, I just had a moment of Freudian slip; caught myself typing “begging” instead of “begin.” Begging can be fun, especially when the act of begging gets me what I want to begin with. It is getting to be too many “beggings” and “begins.” I think it is time to get on with making a point instead of beating around the bush.

I would like to officially welcome everyone (and everyone means you, oh dear reader) to the blog. I hope this blog will blossom into a meaningful web tool that allows for deep, fun, and honest discussions.