When I was a kid…

It was common knowledge that the Cherem – Excommunicatory Ban against polygamy instituted by R. Gershom* was only going to be enforced for One Thousand Years. How come no one announced when it ended, and how come no one celebrated?

*German rabbi, scholar, and religious poet Gershom ben Judah (ca. 950-1028) exerted a great influence on Jewish social institutions. He is also known as Rabbenu Gershom and Meor Ha-Golah, “Light of the Exile.” 


Who’s Kinky?

Some of the uptightest (unfortunate word choice, perhaps) badass frumies I know are ftm shomer negiah – ba’al teshuvas. They’re welcome here too, of course, and I hope this becomes their preferred trans shiduch site. Surely, there can’t be that many other sites, can there? I know that Frumster.com does not yet have a category of the transgendered. Anyway, back to the point I was making. Is transgender a kink by definition, and should it be included in under the general rubric of kink; whaddya think?


Phew… Now that all the editing/testing is done, let the blogging begin. Ha, I just had a moment of Freudian slip; caught myself typing “begging” instead of “begin.” Begging can be fun, especially when the act of begging gets me what I want to begin with. It is getting to be too many “beggings” and “begins.” I think it is time to get on with making a point instead of beating around the bush.

I would like to officially welcome everyone (and everyone means you, oh dear reader) to the blog. I hope this blog will blossom into a meaningful web tool that allows for deep, fun, and honest discussions.